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Hello Students! Please join me in welcoming Triumph, a program supported by the Prenatal and Infant Wellness Collaborative and Maternal, Child and Family Health Coalition, to our school. It is through their efforts that we are able to have this website available for all of our students to enjoy. Triumph has an office located in our school and is working in the community to provide residents and students with information on ways to prevent and end infant deaths. Please read the Triumph article to learn more about what they are doing and feel free to visit their office. As we come near to the end of the school year, please remember to keep education first place in your life!

Principal Carter-Thomas



Did You Know...

African American mother kissing her baby boyDid you know that there are babies dying right here in our community for reasons we, as a community, can prevent! One reason is that pregnant women are not going to the doctor early or regularly enough which can often prevent problems with mom and baby. Triumph is an effort in the 27th Ward focused on raising awareness about infant mortality (babies dying before their first birthday) and educating the community to reduce the number of babies dying.

We would love to talk with you more about how you can become involved. Please come visit us in our office located right here in Northwest Academy of Law on the lower level, Room 033. If you or someone you know is pregnant please give us a call at 314-359-1430.

Together we can make a difference!